Leak Detection

Have you noticed a spike in your water bill? Has your water pressure decreased recently? Is the water level in your pool mysteriously going down? There could be a hidden leak somewhere in your home that's causing these problems. This is even more likely if you've recently been through a disaster such as a fire or flood, as this could have caused hidden damage that hasn't been detected yet.

Rather than knock through walls trying to find the leak yourself, call Titan Restoration for fast, thorough leak detection services.

Leak Detection Process

  • Specialized equipment used to detect leaks, even if they're behind the walls or underneath the flooring
  • Source of the leak is pinpointed before any demolition begins to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your home
  • Perform any necessary repairs to the plumbing
  • Begin the water damage removal process and thoroughly dry the area
  • Apply sanitizing solution to prevent mold growth
  • Provide mold remediation services for any mold found

If you suspect there's a hidden leak somewhere in your home, don't waste time trying to find it yourself; call the pros at Titan Restoration to quickly and efficiently find and repair the leak, and handle any water damage cleanup. Give us a call at 954-280-6950 or submit your cleaning appointment request online for non-emergency service.

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